Thinking Worms, What are they?

So, Thinking Worms, what are they?

Everyone has their own set of Thinking Worms and they vary for everyone.  This might be a new concept for you, and I expect it is since it is an idea I came up with a few hours ago, so ill need for you to picture your Thinking Worms. They are the ones that make you feel things, think things and do everything and anything you do. So basically your thinking worms is your brain.  Now, as thinking worms vary from person to person they can also vary from time to time. So, how your thinking worms look and feel right thins second might change in two years, two hours or even two seconds. Your Thinking Worms are with you throughout out all of your life and whenever you are feeling something you might not want to be feeling, it is them behaving however they want to behave. You might want to kill them sometimes or maybe freeze them so they stay the way that they are in a precise moment, but what you want to learn to do is getting to know them and make them your friends rather than your enemies.

I want to use this platform as a way to let loose my Thinking Worms whenever I feel like the only thing they can do is think. I might write about my opinions on something, a new theory I might create or mostly anything, im leaving it open! I am hoping this might help anyone who is having trouble understanding their brain and how it works. Just bear in mind I am no Psychologist (Though I aspire to be one) im just hoping that anything I advise actually helps someone.

Helping You Figure Out Your Thinking Worms By Showing You How Mine Work

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